The right product selection

Generally, Prevento® is suitable for extinguishing all kinds of fire (some metal fires are limited).

Based on your requirements and conditions, you select the right concentration of Prevento® Higher concentrations result in better frost resistance:

Concentration ( % ) °C °F
10 *) -3 to +60 27 to 140
25 -10 to +60 14 to 140
50 -20 to +60 -4 to 140

*) standard

You can either apply:

  • Prevento®with a spraying appliance, for terrestrial use, to extinguish fires in homes, buildings and vehicles, or
  • Prevento®Forestagainst forest/wildwood fires sprayed by an aircraft or helicopter, or by fire fighters on the ground, or
  • by admixing the concentrate ifoam®to water by any commercial mixing systems, or
  • Prevento®SOLAR to cover solar panel systems to stop power generation

Model Filling Capacity Application Fire class
Prevento® DDL-6 (Pressurized extinguisher) Prevento DDL-6 Prevento® 10% 6 L General purpose A-B-C-F
Prevento® DDL-9 (Pressurized extinguisher) Prevento DDL-9 Prevento® 10% 9 L General purpose A-B-C-F
Pentamax® (Hand pump) Pentamax (Hand Pump) Prevento® 10% 5 L Sturdy design for heavy duty A-B-C-F
Dekamax® (Hand pump) Dekamax (Hand Pump) Prevento® 10% 10 L sturdy design for heavy duty A-B-C-F

Bulk Packaging

Model Filling Content Application
Prevento® Prevento® 10% Up to 1 ton Terrestrial fire fighting covering larger surface areas A-B-C-F
Prevento®Forest Prevento®Forest Up to 1 ton Forest and wildwood fire fighting on the ground A
Prevento®Forest Prevento®Forest
(Contains mica, Without foam)
Up to 1 ton Forest and wildwood fire fighting from the air A
ifoam® Concentrate As needed Available with different classes of Prevento® A-B
SOLAR Filling
Prevento® SOLAR 40 L Covering solar panel systems, for Solar Trolley ---
Prevento Filling Prevento®10% 500 g For Pentamax® A-B-C-F
Prevento®10% 600 g For DDL®-6 A-B-C-F
Prevento®10% 900 g For DDL®-9 A-B-C-F
Prevento Filling Prevento®10% 1000 g For Dekamax® A-B-C-F

Additional Accessories

Model Filling Content Application
Back carrier Pentamax and Dekamax Back Carrier --- --- Harness to carry Pentamax®and Dekamax®cylinder
Pentamax and Dekamax Back Carrier
Trolley Prevento SOLAR Trolley Prevento® SOLAR 40 L Fast and easy transportation for Prevento® SOLAR
Pyro-nozzle High Intensity Pyro-Nozzle --- --- Extra long steel nozzle for DDL®-6, DDL®-9, Pentamax® and Dekamax®, used for high intensity fires
Standard Spray nozzle Standard Spray Nozzle --- --- For Prevento® DDL-6
Prevento® DDL-9
Mist Spray nozzle with spinner Mist Spray Nozzle with Spinne --- --- For Prevento® DDL-6
Prevento® DDL-9

"Developed and Manufactured in Germany with highest Quality standards"

Prevento® is a trade registered to Febbex International GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
Prevento® designates a product group of Febbex International GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany.

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